Vietnam APEC Corporation was eestablished in 1997. The process of formation and development has been gloried and marked by the milestones based on changes in the course of operation and time:

  1. 12/07/1997 - 01/07/2006: Formerly the Foreign Language Center of the University of foreign languages, ​​Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
  2. 2006 - 2008: APEC International Trade & Translation Joint Stock Company
  3. 2008-2009: APEC Vietnam Translation Joint Stock Company
  4. 2009-2010: APEC Vietnam Corporation with 8 subsidiary, 13 business lines operating in the fields of translation, notary, interpretation, Film & video processing, design consultancy, construction, wood process and production & office furniture, advertisement, events, tourism, audit & tax consultancy, coffee (brand name " Café Chùa" that was copyrighted & protected), music production.

At present, APEC Vietnam Corporation has affirmed an important position in the market of Vietnam, typically as follows:
- Translation, notary, interpretation, Film & music production, events, etc. APEC Vietnam Corporation is the leading out of the Top 5 on the scale of operation, professional services and has received much satisfaction from customers.
- APEC Vietnam Corporation has gradually completed its policies on management, operation and scale for the remaining lines to bring its name to a new stature, worthy of the request and current economic situation.
List of managers:


Full name




Dr. Trinh The Bao

Supervisor of the Council

05 Years from 2012-2017


MA. Lai Hoai Nam

First Vice-Chairman
General Director of APEC VN, Tay Do branch
Financial Supervisor

05 Years from 2012-2017


Mrs. Pham Thuy Lam

Second Vice-Chairman
General Director of LGC
Head of the Council’s Organization committee

03 Years from 2013-2015


Architect Pham Tuan Anh

General Director of NAMANH CDC

03 Years from 2013-2015


Mr. Nam Wesley

Chief Office of APEC VN
Director of the Southern Branch in Ho Chi Minh city

03 Years from 2013-2015


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dan

General Director of APEC Import and Export
Supervisor of the Council’s Members

03 Years from 2013-2015


Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duy

Director of APEC VN – Ha Long city Branch - Quang Ninh

03 Years from 2013-2015


Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong

General Director of ASIA TRANS JSC

05 Years from 2013-2015

And subsystem of managers and employees, collaborators who are working and cooperating with the Company in APEC Vietnam Corporation.